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Thompson DA, Courtney DM, Malik S, Schmidt MJ, Weston V. 
Use of Natural Language Processing to Identify 414 Different Chief Complaints in Adult Emergency Department Patients.
Oral Presentation. Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Annual Meeting.

Cartaya S.  
Improving Patient Care through Technology and Best-in-Industry Process Improvements. 
Poster Presentation. American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) 41st Annual Meeting.

Handly N, Thompson DA, Li J, Chuirazzi DM, Venkat A.
Evaluation of a Hospital Admission Prediction Model Adding Coded Chief Complaint Data Using a Neural Network Methodology.
European Journal of Emergency Medicine.
2015:22(2) 87-91.

McCormack RP, Gauthier, McClure B, Moy L, Hu M, Pavlicova M, E Nunes E, Thompson DA, Mandler R, Bogenschutz M, Onofrio G, Rotrosen J.
Do chief complaints allow targeting of SBIRT in the Emergency Department?
Science & Clinical Practice.
2015; 10 (Suppl 2):O42.

Li J, Guo L, Handly N, Mai A, Thompson DA.
Semantic-enhanced models to support timely admission prediction at emergency departments.
Network Modeling and Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics.
2012; 1 (4):161-172.

Chapman WW1, Dowling JN, Baer A, Buckeridge DL,
Developing syndrome definitions based on consensus and current use.
Developing syndrome definitions based on consensus and current use.
J Am Med Inform Assoc.
2010 Sep-Oct;17(5):595-601.

Thompson DA, Eitel D. Fernandes CMB, Pines JM, Amsterdam J, Davidson SJ. 
Coded Chief Complaints – Automated Analysis of Free-Text Complaints.
Academic Emerg Med.
2006;13:774-782. PubMed Abstract

Articles Citing the Health Navigator
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Griffey RT, Pines JM, Farley HL,
Chief Complaint–Based Performance Measures: A New Focus for Acute Care Quality Measurement.
Annals Emerg Med.
2015 Apr;65(4):387-95.

Conway M, Dowling JN, Chapman WW.
Using chief complaints for syndromic surveillance: a review of chief complaint based classifiers in North America.
J Biomed Inform.
2013 Aug;46(4):734-43.

Malmström T1, Huuskonen O, Torkki P, Malmström R.
Structured classification for ED presenting complaints – from free text field-based approach to ICPC-2 ED application.
Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med.
2012 Nov 24;20:76.

Phillips, Trevor G., et al.
In search of a controlled vocabulary for emergency department chief complaint: a comparison of four published chief complaint lists.
Advances in Disease Surveillance

Kuykendal AR, Tintinalli J, Biese K.
ED chief complaint categories for a medical student curriculum.
Int J Emerg Med.
2008 Jun;1(2):139-43.

Grafstein E, Bullard MJ, Warren D, Unger B; CTAS National Working Group.
Revision of the Canadian Emergency Department Information System (CEDIS) presenting complaint list version 1.1.
2008 Mar;10(2):151-73.

Lu, Hsin-Min, et al.
Ontology-enhanced automatic chief complaint classification for syndromic surveillance.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics 41.2
(2008): 340-356.

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