Health Navigator announces release of V 11.9

(Nov. 2017) Version 11.9 includes a new language (UK English), new diagnoses, expanded ACIs, and other areas of expanded functionality.

The Health Navigator API content version 11.9d was released to production on Monday, November 20th, 2017. The 11.9d content update is paired with API version 3.2017.11.1.

*  Added UK English as our 8th supported language. At the same time, we significantly expanded the Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better cover UK English spellings.

*  Expanded to 427 After Care Instruction (ACI) topics that are available through the Health Navigator API. There is an easy‐to‐use cross‐walk from Health Navigator Clinical Concepts to the relevant ACI topics.

*  Added a new RequestImage field to the ListAlternateTerms method to support front‐end workflow decisions regarding clinical image uploads. The RequestImage field output values to provide guidance whether to prompt a patient to upload a photo for a specific Coded Chief Complaint (CCC) during an eVisit or telemedicine check‐in process. In future updates we will be adding this field to other methods.

*  Added 25 new diagnoses, including Asperger Syndrome, Astigmatism, Pandemic Influenza, Sleep Paralysis, and Tay‐Sachs Syndrome. There are a total of 2,689 distinct diseases and conditions generated by the Diagnosis Engine.

*  Health Navigator continues to test (and tune) the NLP, CDS, Diagnosis, and Triage Engines against large volumes (tens of thousands) of medical call center, emergency department, and telemedicine encounters. Telemedicine encounter data from Q3 (10,000+ encounters) was abstracted and coded by our testing team; used for testing; analyzed; then methodically reviewed and curated by the Health Navigator Medical Review Board (MRB).

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