October 2018

A warm welcome to new partners

The Health Navigator team is happy to welcome several new clients to our family of partners this fall. Here’s a glimpse at the innovative companies we’re working with. To learn about more of our client partners, visit our website.

TytoCare – TytoCare is a worldwide medical device telemedicine company. Their innovative solution enables patients to perform medical examinations on demand from the comfort of their home. Health Navigator’s symptom checker will enhance their ability to provide high-quality, accurate remote diagnoses with added level of guidance, helping to determine which exams to capture and share with a doctor.

Lytic, Inc. – Lytic offers a robust care platform to support value-based health organizations. Lytic empowers patients with the right tools to stay healthy and seek care when appropriate. Lytic integrates the Health Navigator symptom checker into its platform to better direct patients to the right point of care in their local health system when they are feeling unwell. The Lytic platform aims to increase patient engagement by providing a multi-channel and easy-to-use health management platform, improve health outcomes by focusing on long-term care management, and reduce costs associated with unnecessary and preventable healthcare services.

The Medical Concierge Group – The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG), a digital health company based in Uganda, is delivering a patient-facing healthbot built into Facebook Messenger that delivers a symptom checker to enable initial patient access/triage to healthcare support through the Messenger app. If a patient opts for physician support (telemedicine) through a call-back service, then supporting clinicians have a consistent way to capture the patient interaction, providing them with the most likely diagnosis and an option to give patients care advice. The telemedicine encounter data will then be captured within TMCG’s custom-built EMR system.

Global Excel Management – Global Excel is a worldwide, premium medical cost containment company that provides services to a broad range of market segments. Global Excel is integrating the Health Navigator triage engine so their agents can better determine where to direct users for care and if telemedicine, urgent care, ER, or a clinic visit is the right level of care. The Global Excel platform will also have the ability to show provider types and tell users which locations are nearby.

Dr. David Thompson presents at VSee Conference

In case you missed the fun in Silicon Valley earlier this month, Health Navigator founder and CEO, Dr. David Thompson presented at the VSee conference, “Telehealth Secrets: New Revenue Models, Happy Doctors.” Dr. Thompson presented on AI (artificial intelligence) in telehealth and digital health with an esteemed panel of experts during a session titled, “Technology that will blow your mind.”

To learn more, follow Dr. Thompson or HealthNavigator on LinkedIn or visit our website: www.HealthNavigator.com.

Health Navigator featured news

Health Navigator launches CarePaths to enhance telemedicine encounters

The Health Navigator platform is a comprehensive clinical vocabulary and decision support system designed to enhance digital health and telemedicine encounters – from the presenting chief complaint to the final diagnosis. We continually strive to make our platform easier to use and to increase the value it delivers for patients and clinicians. That’s why we recently unveiled a new feature called CarePaths.

We use the term CarePaths to describe a digital health or telemedicine encounter that begins with a self-diagnosis, or when the patient’s specific symptoms may be unknown or unclear. CarePaths makes it easy for patients to use our comprehensive clinical vocabulary at the beginning of a telemedicine encounter to address known or suspected conditions like bladder infection, allergies, or sinusitis. Patients simply select from one of the common problems or type a brief description of their symptoms.

Consider the following example.

Use-case scenario – Urination Pain
Joan Johnson is 27-years old and has burning with urination for one day. She has had a bladder infection twice before, last year, and it feels the same. She is urinating frequently. She has no fever or back pain. She is not pregnant.

She launches the telemedicine application on her cell phone. She selects the problem “Female Bladder Infection” and the application asks her a series of questions using the CarePath – Female Bladder Infection. The questions are organized and presented as an easy-to-read rapid medical history. The application stores Joan’s responses and sends the data on to a telemedicine provider (e.g., doctor, PA, NP) for review.

Dr. Jason Brown, a telemedicine doctor, reviews all the information provided by Joan. He makes the diagnosis of uncomplicated cystitis (bladder infection). He electronically prescribes an antibiotic and sends Joan targeted care advice and call-back instructions for this problem.

Key benefits to patients and physicians include:

  • Allowing a patient to begin a medical encounter with a self-diagnosis, even though the symptoms may be unknown or unclear;
  • Presenting clarifying questions to the patient or provider to confirm the self-diagnosed condition or identify other possible conditions; and,
  • Providing differential diagnosis decision support to providers.

To learn more about CarePaths or to schedule a demo, contact patty.maynard@healthnavigator.com or call 602.549.2583.

New demo

Visit our site for a new demo of Health Navigator’s clinical content through a health bot or app.

Fall sports leave you hurting? The crisp air signals the return of fall sports and the aches, pains, and injuries that can come with throwing ourselves back into the fitness activities and sports we love. Whether patients are hitting the field, the ice or the court, Health Navigator’s After Care Instructions (ACI) can help your clinical team treat patients who present with fall sports injuries by delivering care advice on hundreds of adult and pediatric topics, including:

  • Arm Pain – Muscle Overuse
  • Ankle Pain / Ankle Injury
  • Leg Injury / Leg Pain
  • Leg Pain – Muscle Overuse
  • Back Pain – Muscle Strain
  • Back Strengthening and Stretching Exercises
  • Lumbar Strain
  • Sciatica

Ask us how our ACI content can enhance the effectiveness of your care platform and improve patient care.

Meet, greet and learn more!

Catch the Health Navigator team at top industry events.


Three of the Health Navigator team will be attending the LVM Users Conference on November 7-9, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ: Jeanine Feirer RN MSN, Patty Maynard, and David Thompson MD FACEP. Dr. Thompson will be speaking on the “Principles of Telephone Triage Decision-Making“.


Both Richard Atkins, VP of Business Development, and David Thompson MD will be in London attending the Digital Health World Congress 2018. Dr. Thompson is a keynote speaker and will be presenting on “ “Digital Health Innovators – Technology that Improves the Patient and Provider Experience!


Richard Atkins and David Thompson MD will also be attending the Digital Health Nordic in Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Thompson will present a keynote on “Artificial Intelligence Tools for Digital Health

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