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Past Newsletters


January 2019

  • Health Navigator, Tyto Care Partnership Highlighted At Consumer Electronics Show
  • Dr. David Thompson Presents At Digital Health UK Conference
  • Survive Flu Season With Health Navigator After-Care Instructions
  • Get To Know: Amy Window, Vice President of Business Development, Health Navigator


October 2018

  • Welcome to new partners
  • Health Navigator Launches CarePaths
  • Health Navigator Featured News
  • Meet, Greet And Learn More!


July 2018

  • Event Recap: Tools For Digital Health In London
  • Health Navigator Provides SOAP Format For Clinical Content
  • Summer Health Issues? We Have You Covered.
  • Health Navigator Featured News
  • Meet, Greet And Learn More!


April 2018

  • HIMSS Recap and Health Bot Update
  • Is your telemedicine platform ready for the spring patient rush?
  • We welcome new clients
  • Meet, greet and learn more!


January 2018

  • New year, new opportunities for AI and digital health
  • For telehealth and electronic health records
  • Health Navigator clinical content featured in Microsoft health bot
  • 2018 Flu update
  • Meet, great and learn more!
  • Health Navigator featured news


January 2017


  • Telehealth trends for 2017
  • Symptom checker technology
  • Frostbite
  • Featured News


May 2017 Newsletter


  • Turn your digital assistant into a health manager
  • Meet the Health Navigator Medical Review Board
  • Spring cold or allergies?
  • Health Navigator Featured News


July 2017 Newsletter


  • 5 ways to turn your digital health assistant into an mHealth tool
  • Simple solutions for your patients’ summer health pains
  • Improving medical encounters, from beginning to end
  • Health Navigator Featured News


October 2017 Newsletter


  • Taking Digital Health to the Next Level
  • Telehealth and AI: Improving Communication and Documentation
  • Are you ready for cold and flu season?
  • Health Navigator Featured News


May 2016


Introducing Health Navigator and the Health Navigator platform


August 2016


  • How telehealth can improve your pratice
  • Top medical call center chief complaints
  • Heat emergencies
  • Featured news


October 2016


  • Documentation checklists
  • New After Care instructions
  • Zika virus and flu update
  • Featured news