May 2016


Introducing the Health Navigator Solution


We are happy to launch our first e-newsletter and to share information about Health Navigator with you. Health Navigator was founded on the inspiration for an easy and comprehensive eHealth experience and improved diagnostics for consumers and health care professionals. Health Navigator is a digital decision support platform that drives faster and better diagnosis and triage decisions from the presenting chief complaint to the final diagnosis. Check your inbox for Health Navigator updates on the world of telehealth.


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The Health Navigator Platform


The platform consists of the following components that provide enhanced digital diagnostic experiences: Coded Chief Complaints (CCC), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Clinical Documentation Support (CDS) and a Diagnosis Engine (DXE).

  • Every medical encounter begins with a chief complaint. The CCC clinical vocabulary covers 99.8 percent of reasons for visits, coded with dimensions for type (e.g. injury, illness), system (e.g. respiratory, gastrointestinal), and acuity.
  • The CDS engine takes the NLP content and generates additional questions to better identify potential diagnoses. The CDS engine also delivers a Rapid Medical History based on symptoms.
  • Finally, the DXE serves up potential diagnoses, suggests care options based on the severity of the diagnosis and potential cost, and can connect patients to local care settings.


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