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Building a safe, satisfying and efficient triage symptom checker requires the right tools.

To create a comprehensive, engaging experience for your consumers, you need a technology solution that provides an extensive foundation of clinical content, proven accuracy, and a user-friendly interface. At Health Navigator, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive triage experience that integrates seamlessly into your operating system and improves the patient experience.

Our approach

Health Navigator provides solutions that support patient and consumer engagement strategies, including:

  • A proprietary clinical vocabulary for capturing and storing the chief complaint.
  • Natural Language Processing engine that converts patient free-text symptoms into severity-coded chief complaints.
  • Standardized call flow with a completely configurable user interface.
  • Content delivered via API, which allows you to design the user interface to meet your business objectives.
  • Care instructions written in plain language.


Health Navigator’s capabilities improve the accuracy of recommendation for seeking care and for clinical content, while delivering high-quality, efficient answers to health care questions.

Our content allows your consumer eHealth experience to:

  1. Provide recommendations on the level of care needed.
  2. Deliver consumer-friendly, consistent health information to patients.
  3. Provide information for thousands of diagnoses and the type of provider/specialist a patient should see for each.
  4. Enable better decision-making by health care consumers.