Clinical Concepts

The Clinical Concepts module of Health Navigator is a clinical vocabulary for capturing and storing the Reason for Visit (RFV) or Reason for Call (RFC).  It delivers patient-friendly vocabulary from the beginning to the end of each telemedicine, teleHealth or triage encounter.

Every medical encounter begins with a chief complaint – what is the reason for your visit/call/encounter?  Why are you seeing the doctor?  The Health Navigator Clinical Concepts module has over 2,800 clinical concepts and provides the first ever, standardized taxonomy of chief complaints. In other words, Health Navigator has taken 470+ chief complaints and coded them for ICD10, SNOMED coding, an acuity rating, and a frequency or likelihood rating.  This content allows for improved accuracy of triage and diagnosis decisions because it presents a list of Coded Chief Complaints that covers 99.8% of reasons for visits. It also improves patient and staff satisfaction by delivering the information in a doctor-friendly and patient-friendly vocabulary.