April 2018

HIMSS Recap and Health Bot Update


The Health Navigator team had an enjoyable, busy, and successful trip to HIMSS18 last month. Thank you to all who attended our Lunch & Learn session with Microsoft and partners. Here’s a recap of the presentation.The real world of AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in healthcare. From predictive analytics to machine learning, AI is being used in real healthcare settings to improve care delivery and patient outcomes. Our HIMSS18 presentation was titled “Platforms that Elevate the Quality of Care” and focused on how healthcare organizations are using AI, Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, and other Azure services to deliver real-world digital health solutions, by:

  • Engaging patients and customers,
  • Supporting healthcare providers,
  • Providing clinical decision support,
  • Optimizing operational processes, and
  • Transforming the digital health experience.

Health Navigator provides evidence-based clinical content and AI tools delivered through an application programming interface and hosted on Azure. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine translates patient free-text problems and symptoms into medical terms and codes. Our documentation, diagnosis, and triage engines deliver scripted interactions that can be used to develop eVisit check-in processes, symptom checkers, and health bots.

During HIMSS18, we unveiled our new health bot demonstration app, WELBY. Would you like to see and test this health bot? Would you like to review and test the underlying APIs that power the bot? If so, contact us today.

Is your telemedicine platform ready for the spring patient rush?


When you think of spring, you probably picture warm weather and family vacations. But for clinicians, spring also means allergies, colds, and travel-related illnesses. Health Navigator’s After Care Instructions (ACI) can help your staff treat spring health issues by delivering patient care advice on hundreds of adult and pediatric topics, including:

  • Hay fever
  • Cold and flu
  • Muscle strain from spring sports injuries
  • Ankle, arm, leg or foot injuries
  • Sunburn
  • Zika virus

Ask us how our ACI content can enhance the effectiveness of your care platform and improve patient care.

Health Navigator welcomes new clients


Join Avizia, Global Excel Management and Pager, and become a digital health innovator with Health Navigator’s clinical content. Give us a call: (602) 549-2583

Meet, greet and learn more!


Catch the Health Navigator team at these top industry events in 2018. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your clinical content needs and Health Navigator’s capabilities.


ATA 2018  |  APRIL 29 – MAY 1

Health Navigator CEO Dr. David Thompson will present at ATA 2018 in Chicago on “Trends and Trajectories in Telehealth: Using Benchmarking and Data to Guide Our Path” on April 30 in Education Zone E352AB from 1:45-2:45 p.m.


Dr. Thompson will be a keynote speaker at the Digital Health World Congress in London. He will discuss the latest information on tools for digital health and telemedicine: natural language processing, multilingual eVisit documentation checklists, triage, and diagnosis symptom checking.



An article leveraging the Health Navigator NLP engine has been accepted for oral presentation at the SAEM Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on May 15. The article is titled “Use of Natural Language Processing to Identify 414 Different Chief Complaints in Adult Emergency Department Patients.

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