Health Navigator is a digital decision support platform that drives faster and better diagnosis and triage decisions from the presenting chief complaint to the final diagnosis and recommended care plan. The company was founded on the inspiration for an easy and comprehensive eHealth experience and improved diagnostics for consumers and health care professionals.

Health Navigator Components
The following Health Navigator components comprise a powerful platform that can input and track data, record a Rapid Medical History, triage symptoms to the appropriate level of care and produce possible diagnoses. The Health Navigator platform uses patient-friendly terms and credible, relevant internet resources and references to produce evidence-based diagnoses. Learn more about Health Navigator capabilities and benefits.

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Current Market Reach
Over one million encounters have been processed with a 98 percent accuracy and sensitivity rate.

Cost is determined by each customer’s needs and the level of customization.

Markets Served
Health Navigator provides solutions for a variety of markets, including medical call centers, telemedicine platforms, medical answering services, consumer eHealth applications, electronic health records, companies that develop digital health assistants and health bots, hospitals and health systems.Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.04.33 PM